It's The We That Counts

Half-a-billion lives reached and counting

Impacting half-a-billion lives is a milestone worthy of acknowledgement and celebration. Above all, it is a reminder of the importance of building a community unified by an unwavering drive to solve problems of poverty.

The "Who" Behind The "We"

Graphic of Nedjip Tozun, founder and director of d.light


Nedjip Tozun is founder and director of d.light, a solar energy solutions company that has provided more than 150 million people with affordable, quality-verified, solar lighting, and entertainment solutions.

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Graphic of Dr. Gayathri Vasudevan, chairperson of LabourNet


Dr. Gayathri Vasudevan is chairperson of LabourNet, a workforce development company that has provided vocational education and training to 10 million workers in India’s informal sector.

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Graphic of Nidhi Pant, co-founder of S4S Technologies

S4S Technologies

Nidhi Pant is the co-founder of S4S, a food preservation company that has increased the incomes of 99,000 women entrepreneurs and farmers in India.

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Graphic of Sweta Mangal, co-founder of Ziqitza Health Limited

Ziqitza Healthcare Limited

Sweta Mangal is the co-founder of Ziqitza Healthcare Limited, an emergency services company that has provided ambulance care to more than 42 million people in India.

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Graphic of Ayoola Dominic, president and co-founder of Koolboks


Ayoola Dominic is president and co-founder of Koolboks, a sustainable cooling company that has provided cold-storage solutions to 16,000 people across Africa, 51% of whom live below $3.20 a day.

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Graphic of Tyler Youngblood, co-founder of Azahar Coffee

Azahar Coffee

Tyler Youngblood is the co-founder of Azahar Coffee, a coffee production company that has impacted more than 20,000 lives in Colombia.

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Our Impact:


cumulative lives impacted


philanthropic capital invested


social enterprises


return on investment


lives impacted in 2022


tons of carbon emissions avoided in 2022

Graphic displaying one, two, we.

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