Growing farmers' fortunes

As keepers of the soil and stewards of Earth’s resources, farmers feed the world yet are often unfairly compensated. One storm, one drought, one flood, and they could lose everything. By fueling farmer incomes, we can break the cycle of poverty and build their resilience amidst nature’s increasingly swift turns; creating strong, safe, and nourishing food systems for farmers, their communities, and us all.

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The facts

There are 600 million smallholder farmers across the globe. The majority live well below nationally-designated poverty lines.
Small farms produce as much as 35% of the world's food.
Farming creates livelihoods for 2.5 billion people around the world.

The fixes

Farmer with maize

An innovative grain-drying method

CropSafe supports smallholder farmers by reducing post-harvest losses and providing access to local and international markets.

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Man carving open cocnut whil siting on pile of coconuts

Income generation and climate resilience for farmers

Our latest op-ed for ImpactAlpha highlights the critical link between income generation and climate resilience for farmers

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Dig deeper

Cover of Corporate-Ready Report


Corporations and social enterprises are doing business together to drive impact.

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Cover of Resilient. Farmers. Report

Resilient. Farmers.

Low-income farmers are building resilience in the face of climate change.

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Cover of Climate Resilience in India Report

Climate Resilience

Indian agricultural enterprises are improving farmer resilience.

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